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Bill Hutzel started The Flute Loft for the sole purpose of distributing and selling Di Zhao flutes. As a professional musician who has been performing and teaching for over 25 years, Bill is very knowledgeable of a wide range of instruments. He was so impressed with the quality and affordability of the Di Zhao Flutes he auditioned for his own students that soon word-of-mouth attracted other professionals who wanted to offer the same value to their students as well as for their own professional use.  Thus, The Flute Loft was launched!


This flute ensemble is an upbeat ensemble of professional flutists who frequently perform in the New York-New Jersey area for a wide variety of events. The ensemble's six members live up to their name by attracting and engaging their audiences in a highly enjoyable musical experience, drawing from an eclectic repertoire, including baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary, pop, and jazz selections.


The New Jersey Flute Society, established in 2009, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in flute performance and pedagogy, and providing an encouraging environment for students, amateurs, and professionals alike. To become a member of the NJ Flute Society, please click on the NJ Flute Society link.