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The Wind Loft features New England Winds brass instruments. All are available at very affordable prices for far less than the competition. Academic and teacher pricing is available.

Model WL-TP200 MSRP: $675 ... Bb student trumpet shown below. This is a high quality student trumpet that features a beautiful lacquer finish, slides on both the first and third valves and a copper plated lead pipe.


Model WL-TP500 MSRP:$1,199 ... Bb intermediate-advanced trumpet that features a beautiful silver plated finish. This has many characteristics of being a professional sounding trumpet but for a very reasonable price. I have heard some people compare it to a Bach Stradavarius.


Model WL-TB200 MSRP: $675 ...
An excellent student model trombone at an affordable price in yellow brass.

Model WL-TB500F MSRP: $1,299
Intermediate trombone with an F rotor mechanism in yellow brass that is free blowing with a fullness of sound and projection. I've heard that this trombone is comparable to a Bach 42 model trombone but at two to three times less the cost.


I am very impressed with the overall sonic quality of the WL-TB500F. It has a nice open lower register with an easy transition down to the pedal range of the horn using the F-trigger. The upper register is clear as well.  The instrument is well-balanced in the hand, the slide moves very freely, and it is well-tuned, harmonically. I think it is an excellent choice for a serious student who is thinking of moving up from their beginner horn to a fine intermediate horn of outstanding value. The bore of the horn is symphonic, with the size of 0.547 matching that of the Conn 88H or the Bach 42B.

- Lars Wendt, tenured trombonist of Princeton Symphony, Riverside Symphonia, and performing artist for over 25 years in the tri-state area


Model WL-FH500 MSRP: $2,499 ... Great horn! This Double F/Bb French Horn is an intermediate level french horn that features a yellow brass body and bell with engraved valve caps. See review below.


The new double horn from New England Winds (Boston) is a solid instrument. It is built for the, with a layout similar to the other major horn builders, such as Holton or Conn Instruments.  The instrument has an adjustable pinky finger ring/loop (with small Allen (hex) wrench included) which will really help the beginning user. The slides are easy to reach and pull out. The instrument comes with a Bach-like, medium depth mouthpiece quite suitable for the student user.

It has an even tone over the entire range. I did not find any particularly difficult-to-tune or quirky notes in any of the ranges. I like the key action (standard rotary valves); the thumb valve is not awkward at all.  I was able to fill out the sound and to push out strong, but not harsh, loud notes, on both the low and high ranges.

I would guess that the bore is slightly smaller than a Holton, which means students should find it easier to hit those high notes. With the right mouthpiece the tone of the horn could be fairly mellow. The instrument is designed for a pleasant, somewhat bright and projecting sound.

It contains a useful case, somewhat of a cross between a soft and a hard case. It is a thick, firm foam with a waterproof cover. The case opens with a zipper not a latch. The case has both a over-the-shoulder strap and a strap handle (with velcro overlap); and the case has a useful outside zippered compartment that could fit either a folding music stand or music or both.

This is a solid instrument and well worth the investment for beginning and intermediate students.

- Mark Thompson, retired french horn professional of 30 years -- chamber, orchestra, opera, musicals; and music teacher


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