The Wind Loft

Welcome to The Wind Loft, a website dedicated to marketing New England Winds woodwind and brass instruments.

Like the flutes marketed for Di Zhao Flutes, Inc., the New England Winds brand offers the same "affordable excellence" as Di Zhao Flutes. The instruments are manufactured to accommodate your budget and level of expertise. If you need assistance with selecting an instrument, The Wind Loft can guide you through that process. So whether you are a casual player, a student, professional musician, or a teacher, please contact us to audition and purchase one of these woodwind or brass instruments.

Our sales philosophy is to reach out to the professional woodwind and brass teacher, to have the teacher be the first level of contact for the student with New England Winds instruments. We realize that the teacher understands a student’s level of proficiency and is able to better evaluate the type of instrument that will serve the student’s learning and performance needs.

If you are a teacher or music professional, and would like to learn more about our instrument audition and incentive program, please call Bill Hutzel at 908.500.6690 or email And please ask about our academic and teacher discounts!